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Look Up: Which One Doesn't Belong?
Look Up: Which One Doesn't Belong?
mild steel diffuser and vent, spray paint

Many of the paintings in the exhibition reference architectural elements of the space. This site-specificity extends to the scultpure, Look Up: Which One Doesn't Belong?.

The ceiling of the Center Galleries is dynamic, extending 30 feet high, with many directional lines and shapes running through it comprised of I-Beams, spotlight fixtures, heating/cooling ducts and circular air vents. Through research I learned the industry term for this type of air vent is "diffuser." It took three months of hunting to locate one that was the same make and model as the actual diffuser installed in the gallery. The sculpture on the floor to directs the viewer's attention to the same shape hanging from above. The diffuser is an interesting layered form, and the piece repeats other circular imagery found in the exhibit.

Photo: PD Rearick