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Locating Rainbows: Friday 8
Locating Rainbows: Friday 8
colored pencil on frosted Dura-Lar behind paint-marker on clear Dura-Lar
62 part series, dimensions variable, 9" x 12" to 11" x 14"

These drawings are constructed by plotting colors as they come and go within the bus for the duration of my ride using Detroit's public transportation system, D-DOT.

Using the apparel and belongings of fellow bus-riders as a point of reference, color-coded text describes and plots each item according to where each rider chooses to sit; Essentially mapping the location of colors within the bus.

A second layer of transparent paper is placed over the text. Using the color-coded text as plotted points, I draw colored lines to connect the “dots.” Each “rainbow” is unique as each one is constructed from data gathered from a different day.

Locating Rainbows reveals the potential of finding joy by working to look for it in unexpected places.

photo: PD Rearick