• The Bitters 2 at Whitdel Arts, Detroit

    In times of cynicism, disgust and hopelessness, we look for outlets to express our frustrations, as well as our aspirations for action and change. We decided to take one of our favorite exhibitions and reboot it in this current time of disillusionment and subjective truth. “The Bitters 2” explores how we currently cope with lies, greed, conflict, inequality, and paranoia – with all the sarcasm, and overall disenchantment that made the first “The Bitters” exhibition so satisfying.
    Reception: February 23rd, 7-10pm
    While all ages are welcome, please know this exhibition might make you laugh, make you uncomfortable or even straight up make you angry. Not all work may be appropriate for young or sensitive viewers.

    Exhibiting artists:

    Vanessa Motano
    E.J. Cobb
    Michael Polakowski
    Thom Sawyer
    Briar Craig
    Caroline Del Giudice
    Keegan Kuvach
    Gutwald Emargut
    Melissa Dettloff
    Stephen William Schudlich
    Connie Noyes
    Brach Goodman
    William Charland
    Brandin Barón
    Joseph Kameen
    Lorenza Centi
    Simone Schiffmacher
    Kevin Kuenster
    R.L. Gibson
    Michael A. Garguilo
    Suzanna Scott
    Ryan Standfest
    John Sippel
    John Maggie
    Scott Anderson
    Gigi Salij
    Janet Braun-Reinitz
    Skip Davis
    Ray Domzalski Jr.
    Lucy Cahill
    Leroi DeRubertis
    Rachel & Robert Zahorsky
    Andy Malone
    Dan Saleh
    Whitney Sage
    Walter Jackson

    Join us for the opening reception on February 23, 2018 at 1111 Bellevue St., Suite 110, Detroit. Exhibit runs 2/23 - 4/14, 2018.

  • Currently on view: Oakland University Art Gallery

    At Your Service
    January 11 - February 18, 2018
    Opening Reception: Thursday, January 11 5-7pm
    Curated by: Dick Goody
    Featuring: Lucas Albrecht, Claude Baillargeon, Maria Smith Bohannon, Bruce Charlesworth, Eugene Clark, Miranda Clark, John Corbin, Susan E. Evans, Amy Feigley-Lee, Grace Frost, Lynn Galbreath, JenClare B. Gawaran, Dick Goody, Tim Gralewski, Trisha Holt, Keagan Kuvach, David Lambert, Colleen Ludwig, Alexander Meiser, Martha Mysko, Sinisa Nedelkoski, Eleanor Oakes, Kimmie Parker, Matt Ross, Ryan Standfest, Sally Schluter Tardella, Cody VanderKaay, Rachel Reynolds Z

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