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Furs & SkinsBeige, Brown, Tan & Taupe
Furs & SkinsBeige, Brown, Tan & Taupe
acrylic paint, colored pencil on Dura-Lar

Riding the bus three to five hours at a time, I gather research through documenting the details of people’s apparel. Clothes offer clues to the culture of a place on many levels. Simplified to shapes of color, they become signifiers, indicating age, sex, occupation, climate and of course, personality. Through drawing only one color each day, I discovered a pattern in recurring shapes. For example, when documenting hues of brown I repeatedly found myself drawing a jagged, U-shape. The repeating pattern reflects a trend in winter coats with fur-lined hoods. The title, “Furs & Skins” refers to climate on multiple levels.

photo: PD Rearick